Friday, November 12, 2010

Havelis of Shekhawati - राजपूताना के रंग

During my recent trip to Rajasthan, when I passed through Shekhawati, I was lamenting the fact that I had not been able to see the famous havelis of this region. If you do not know, these havelis are private mansions of old Rajasthan - Rajputana, typically with intricate wood-work and beautiful al-fresco designs.
Imagine my pleasant surprise then, when the meandering road through the town suddenly brought me to a beautiful haveli, resplendent in the sunlight, calling out to us with its open doors. How could I resist its charms then?
Here below are some images:

I have resolved to take out a week-end for a haveli tour in the near future.

More travel photos to come in the next post....

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Anonymous said...

As you know I am resident of short visit you discover outline of shekhawati. I appreciate your curiosity not doubt it can’t describe . I regularly get in touch with these havelis at Jhunjhunu & near by Jhunjhunu. I have few information about these havelis, might be surprise for you. Last time I visited one of my known’s haveli. I was surprised that the floor of room was white and shine like new expansive floor tiles without cracks.when I asked her she told me that this floor was made by his grandfather about 100 years back. For finishing touch they used “KODDI”. You surprised to know till date the floor condition is like new. And same condition was with walls. The colour and paintings on the walls is still like new one. Next time I will try my best to take some pics of floor and walls upload on net.with full details. And about fresco paintings it is basically belong to Laxmangarh. Still few people of Laxmangarh are expert in these al-fresco designs. If you want to learn al-fresco designs plz let me know.

Vivek Shukla

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