Wednesday, November 10, 2010

पधारो म्हारे देस - Bikaner

This Deepawali took me to my hometown Bikaner after a long time.
It is difficult to look at one's hometown from a tourist perspective but I tried this time. And, the result is for you to see:

The Kacheri - Court Premises

Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji
Bikaner Collectorate in Diwali finery
Bikaner Collectorate, again
Keerti Stambh
Surreal - Collectorate, yet again
Baba Ramdev guarding over the street
Diwali Bazar
Labhoo Ji Ka Katla
Barber Shop Series - Kote Gate
Kote Gate
    In the next part, some travel photos..


Phalgun said...

Nice memories, thanks!

Priya Dadheech

Rajesh K Thanua said...

Sirji, Likhne wali kalam se agar gadda khodoge to na kalam rehegi aur gadde ka to malik jaane.

To kahne ka Saar ye hai ki:- aap galat line main ho Accept it or not it's opon u.

ashish gaur said...

majja aa gaya,
barber shops still carry bombay instead of mumbai--tht reminds me nothing has changed,people there are still unaffected by whats happening here,

amitabh and dharamji still rule the hair styles -------am really amazed

bazaar is so natural unlike metros where western branded layers have covered the serenity and naturity of our indian bazaars

really loved the pictures

let the pictures coming

Rahul Gaur said...

Yes, nice ones indeed Priya.
And when I passed in front of 17B Civil Lines, I was lost again in the imagined taste and flavor of Heeng Ka Achaar, which you MIL served us - लगातार, बारबार.

Rahul Gaur said...

@ Ashee - Exactly, what I realized and wished to say.

Rahul Gaur said...

@ Rajesh Babu
आप का सार मैं समझ पा रहा हूँ पर, जैसा मैंने पहले भी कहीं कहा था, "बह पानी मुल्तान गया" :-)
अब तो जो हैं, सो हैं.
पर आप जैसे कद्रदान (या दयालु) मित्र हैं, तो फिर यहाँ भी लिखते रहेंगे, दिक्कत क्या?

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