Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin - The God

Being a slothful creature that I am, the sporting world doesn't excite me greatly, not even vicariously. The sports pages of my newspaper are generally skipped over and I can not dream (pun intended) of sacrificing my sleep for a game. Neither is any sport personality in my hero worship league.
But then, Sachin is no ordinary sport personality and the cricket he plays is no ordinary sport. Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket.
Which he has amply proved today for the nth time in his career after smashing a double ton - the first by any player in One Day Internationals so far -against South Africa in the Gwalior one-day. Which is why he remains the only sportsman I truly admire.
His cricket is of course the one thing by which we all know him but my admiration is for the level-headed, no-nonsense person he remains, in spite of his obviously exalted position in the annals of the game and in spite of the glory of immense share of our collective Indian mindscape he occupies.
This is truly a virtue in this time of excesses of all kinds, where mediocre players & personalities lose no opportunity to throw their attitude around.
Congratulations to Sachin for this achievement and congratulations to all of us that we have had this opportunity to watch him playing in our times.  



He is truly a great man and it really makes us feel proud that he is a TRUE INDIAN !!!

lucky said...

From what I have heard , he is the most humble , down to earth person , ever in the Indian Cricket team.Next door neighbor kinda personality. I can`t forget the one article where one Journo asked him why he looks up and prays whenever he achieves any milestone. To this , he had replied " I look towards the heavens and tell my Dad that this is for you " ........ Sachin ...... I salute you!!!! ( mind it, I dont do that very often :-) )

Anonymous said...

I think with his ageing , Sachin is playing better and better evryday and he looks to set many more records , just to surpass his own , which would remain unbeatable in the history of cricket . Wish him all the very best and good luck always.
HK Nigam

Anonymous said...

Dear Rahul,

I request you must start loving the SPORTS – And enjoy all the GAMES - Be it Cricket, Hockey, Foot Ball or any good team event .
Sachin, Rajpal, Singh Paes, Somdev Berman, Vishy Anand, Mansher, Bindra, Ralbal, Charming Sania Sehwag, MSD …… I love them all.
I enjoy almost all the games & have played Cricket, TT, Chess , Badminton & still want to play & enjoy as much as possible.

Advantages :-
We Learn Team Spirit.
We learn to enjoy / celebrate the achievements of TEAM MEMBERS.
We grow as society
We Start feeling a PROUD CITIZEN of Great Nation and not as of our individual unit/house or Religion.
We feel above all cast , creeds & religion – As no one has taken copy right / patent of HAPPINESS.
Better Health, better results and ………………….
List is endless.
Fall in Love with Sports
U will be in different WORLD.

Ur Pal

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