Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Overdose Obama

This morning, you could have been pardoned for thinking you were in America, going by the all-out coverage of Obama's inauguration in the Indian media. (btw, just how does a person gets "inaugurated", I do not understand. Birth - yes; death - maybe yes; but inauguration? Wasn't it something to do with events or buildings or some such life-like objects?) . A clear case of overdose, considering even our own president election did not get this type of coverage.
Me and good friend Kay were discussing why is this happening; why even newspapers with usually balanced perspectives (like Indian Express) featured this event so out of proportion, and we decided it was because of two reasons.
First, the world, and India more so, is desperately in need of charismatic heroes today. And, Obama is, no doubt, one of the most charismatic public figures on the present world stage. His leadership skills and effectiveness remain to be seen, but charisma, he has loads of, and using his remarkable oratorial skills, he has managed to project himself as a beacon of hope in these troubled times. (It of course helps that America's mighty marketing machine is at work here).
Second, like it or not, America does remain the sole super-power, the चौधरी of the global village, who controls most of the economy and decides the pecking order of the world.
But at the end of it, we should not mind it, as long as it is followed by real performance and results, which we look forward to.


Yashu Vyas said...

Nice and crisp analysis of so called Obama-mania. As you rightly pointed out about over hyped coverage in indian media, it may happen that so much adulation/love for him will prove to be his nemesis. I feel Americans visualize new sarpanch as their saviour who can provide ledearship to maintain their चौधराहट at time of worst economic crisis they are facing.

aargee said...

Thanks Yashu for your comments. NOtwithstanding my feelings, however, I sincerely hope he performs well.

ashish gaur said...

obama..Hw many real americans exist or live in america?,isnt it all about scandinavians and asians and obviously australians(as america was once jail for prisoners frm australia)residing there .
Theres nothing american about Obama ,may be thats the reason for...OBAMAMANIA.

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