Monday, January 19, 2009


Till about a couple of months back, I thought Ghazini to be a period drama about the (in)famous Mahmud of Ghazni. After watching it yesterday, I now wish it was. At least it would have been some novelty to watch.
Ghazini has been a letdown, and I am frankly surprised at the claims of the record business it has already reaped in.
The concept and story surely have an immense potential to be turned in to a great psychological thriller.
However, owing to a totally un-imaginative treatment, the film remains throughout a prisoner to only brute, physical action, in spite of having an actor like Aamir Khan.
The psychological and mental warfare by the character of Aamir, which could have been the mainstay of the film, is touched upon only tentatively and that too only at the fringes. Murugadoss was probably cautious not to let the film become too obtuse for the masses.
Aamir is his usual perfect self in most of the movie but in some of the scenes, where he is required to scream and generally show his angst, he surprisingly goes overboard. Asin is tacky and school-girlish (except for her final scene) and Ghazini probably needed somebody more sinister to justify the title character.
Take Aamir and the two main songs out and there would be nothing left in it to distinguish it from your run-of-the-mill action films.
All in all, a letdown.
Different takes, any one?


Vikas Vats said...

Could not agree more....

aargee said...

Thanks for your comment.
Re our last discussion,"Rab Ne..." is next on list.

ashish gaur said...

gazini ,,well its crap agreed(sunny deol Package)
aamir is to be blamed more than murgadoss here.murgadoss had been successfull with this subject earlier so his attempt to recreate history is natural and agreeable but(BUT)AAMIR KHAN(so called intellectual perfectionist) has failed.Foresightedness complements perfectionism as both are symbiotic in path to success,,so better luck next time

aargee said...

Thanks Ashish for your response.
But I think the responsibility of the failure should lie squarely on Murugadoss because a film is essentially a director's medium.
And the success you talk about was in a regional language, where the parameters of judging the film, I think, are a bit different.
Aamir could do only so much in the movie, nothing else.
Yes, better luck to Aamir. His focus and dedication are commendable and should be appreciated.

Keshav said...

Aamir gave Muruga(whatever)doss two choices. He said he was very busy making Taare Zamin Par. He had time only to do one thing out of acting or body-building. Murugadoss chose latter. Aamir kept his word. We may go on passing judgement on technicalities now, but they certainly got their math right. They got a grand opening and recovered most of their money in the initial 2-3 days itself. By the time ppl realized what was going on....

aargee said...

Even if in jest, you have hit the nail on its head, Keshav.

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