Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indian Express April 18 2009

Following is my letter to the editor about the Naxal problem, published in IE of 18th April'09.

Help and Punish
The image of a policeman in a dingy cell, writing his report as a slain security man lies on a post mortem table, is a poignant reminder of the grim realities of our democratic republic, beyond the usual post-poll smiles we are usually treated to (First Phse, Naxals cast their bullet, IE, April 17). 
While the state's failure to tackle the Maoists stares us in the face, it must also be acknowledged that the Naxalite problem did'nt surface overnight.
The rise of these ruthless murderers owes also to the systematic neglect and exloitation of the tribals. These marginalised people are now being exploited by the Naxalites to push their agenda.
As we celebrate our democratic carnival, our leaders should devise manifold policies to uplift these poor people and work out strategies to defeat the Naxalites. 
Rahul Gaur, Gurgaon

Once again, the erudite editors have tweaked the content to probably suit their style. But yes, the gist remains intact.
I invite your comments on this Naxal problem.

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