Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brake Fail

What’s with the song-remixes these days, I cannot quite understand.
Not very long ago, remixes were basically fast-paced versions of old hits, set to contemporary beats and in more modern voices. Remember “Chura Liya” by Bally Sagoo?
These were created to appeal to the supposedly newer generation. Fast-paced, because it was a given that the “newer” generation was leading a fast-paced life and was handicapped with shorter attention spans. True, maybe.
But can somebody explain why does one need to create a remix of a new song, which, by virtue of its music and feel, is already sufficiently “fast paced”? What elusive, mindless speed are these songs trying to run on to?
Try listening to the remix of “Kajrare” and you would know what I mean. It is just a cacophony interspersed with metallic voices, which are so common these days. Then there are those Himesh songs – it seems each version of a song is faster than the earlier one.
To use an old Bollywoodian phrase – “Maine uski gaadi ke brake phail kar diye hain, ab voh nahin bach sakta!!” Somebody please set right the brakes!

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