Sunday, November 13, 2005

Laugh, we?

I generally am not very much enthusiastic about watching TV. When I am back from work, I just catch whatever is on at dinner-time The surfeit of scandalous news, mushy soaps, even more mushy reality talent-hunts and mostly inane movies is nothing to look forward to.
There is one program, though, which I have lately been immensely interested in & try not to miss and therefore finds mention here – The Great Indian Laughter Champions, the stand-up comedy talent hunt program on Start One, Friday nights at 10 pm. I’ll tell you why I am so fond of it.
We are a society with a perpetual sullen countenance. I do not know whether it is the collective weight of our history & religious beliefs or the undue premium we place on the serious and somber, we Indians have lately forgotten to laugh at ourselves.
You don’t believe me? Next time you go out, try throwing some humorous comment or response to the people around you – your shopkeeper, doctor, banker, kid’s teachers, government officials. The first reaction would be of disbelief, followed probably by a guarded snigger. There are very few people who have the ability and inclination to appreciate good humour in everyday life.
This program has really tickled the proverbial funny bone of our society and rekindled this art of laughing at ourselves, which would, I hope, go a long way in making more civilized people of us. We need more such programs.
Now, I agree that there are various other comedy sitcoms on telly. But this is different because of the format. Apart from the occasional Shekhar Suman or Sajid Khan, we have never had a stand-up comedian being appreciated for some intelligent lines rather than a slap-stick situation. And in our movies also, it is only recently that good comedy has been recognized as an acting genre in itself and not a side-function of the hero vs villain story.
You think I am haranguing a bit more than warranted about a “thakela” TV show? Then let me hear what you have to say, please!


onlyareader said...

Well said!!

Comedy is really a must in a society which is bereft of all fun and full of so much negativity that laughter is almost like "yoga" - an art, a therapy and something of a subject.

silbil said...

the great indian comedy show is far far better content...and in presentation...
also try sarabha vs sarabhai...its surprsing how they manage to make yiou laugh each time with the same quirky characters but great dialogue...
i agree with the need of sense of humour in our long as it is not harmful kinds...MASTI and KYA KOOL HAI HUM variety ...know what i mean...laughing at ourselves is a great idea...but laughing at parsis and gays is in a bad taste...

Anonymous said...
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